Welcome to NOLA Dance Reader!

NOLA Dance Reader is a curated and edited forum for thoughtful writing about dance in the New Orleans community, intended to serve as a supplement to the existing public discourse. In this space you’ll find essays, reviews, interviews, profiles, and more, created by local dancers, dance-makers, dance teachers, and dance lovers hoping to heighten our community’s awareness of, analysis of, and interest in dance.

Through the development and publication of vivid, well-crafted, fair-minded dance writing, the NDR forum hopes to offer increased coverage of the full spectrum of local dance events; an outlet for a multiplicity of voices responding to dance performance; a place for performers and dance-makers to find informed, constructive, written responses to their work; and a primer for dance audiences on elements of dance technique, history, and contemporary context. At the same time we hope to provide an opportunity for our dance artists to hone their analytic skills and to spur this community on to greater rigor and risk-taking in our artistic practices.

If you want to share your thoughts in writing via the NDR forum, please venture over to the Submit page for more information. NDR will also feature great dance photography, which is its own challenging art form, so if you are willing and legally able to share, please send us your best shot – one great photograph from class, rehearsal, or performance. Guidelines for photo submission are also available on the Submit page. Join us!