If you want your New Orleans show reviewed, if you want to offer a response to a local performance you saw, if you want to provide an in-depth analysis of a dance trend you love or hate, if you want to try your hand at writing local dance history, if you want to try to get an interview with a visiting artist, or an interview with your local dance pal who is working on a crazy new project, if you want to profile a local teacher who gives a great class and you can explain why the class is great, if you took a local master class and it changed your brain and you want to write about it – if you can’t stop thinking about something New Orleans dance-related and you know the only way to get relief is to write your ideas down so that you can understand them better – then you should definitely submit to NOLA Dance Reader.

NOLA Dance Reader will not maintain a calendar of upcoming performances. If you want to promote a show, please send event details to LA Pointe (if you’re looking for an event calendar, it’s here). If you’re offering or looking for weekly classes, auditions, workshops, studio spaces, etc., both Dance in NOLA and LA Pointe have you covered.

Submissions will be published based on relevance, quality of writing, quality of analysis, and ability to offer constructive criticism where appropriate. No rants, no take-downs. No anonymous or pseudonymous publications. All submissions selected for publication will be subject to an editing and revision process to promote clarity of thought and clarity of expression. They will not be edited for content.

NDR will also feature great dance photography–which is its own challenging art form–so if you are willing and legally able to share, please send us your best shot: one great photograph from class, rehearsal, or performance. Include the location of the photograph, the name of the project (if it’s from rehearsal or performance), the name of the director/choreographer, the date of the photograph, the name of the photographer, and the name of the dancers featured.

NDR is fueled by volunteer labor, love of the art, and endorphins. At this time there is no money to pay anyone, including the editor.

Sound good? Great. Email your submission (or your pitch!) to